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Have you ever been disturbed by the color of your teeth? Application of white strips can be of much significance in making sure you gain that lovely smile that most people need However, the right application of teeth whitening strips will aid you in achieving this wish within a short period of time.

Good dental hygiene practices are essential for your health but some cases brushing and flossing of teeth is not enough to acquire the sparkling smiles thus the application of whitening strips will ensure that such smiles are achieved. In most cases the foods and drinks the we eat cause the discoloration of our teeth and the best advise that has ever been given is to avoid such foods that are leading to this effect, but whitening stripe comes in to offer solutions to the damages that have been done by these foods and drinks.

This piece will aid in making sure that you get best smile by leading you through the best guidelines of applying whitening strips.

Clean your teeth
The first thing that you ought to is brush your teeth before applying the strips, and in the event of cleaning your teeth pair the toothpaste with the crest white strips. Caution ought to be taken in this step if skipped can trap bacteria between your teeth and the strips which will affect the perfect whitening of your teeth. Take half an hour before after brushing your teeth to enable the saliva to clean the fluoride that may have remained between the teeth before whitening.

Open the package and peel off the bottommost strip.
The next item to do is to covering off the package and take of the bottommost layer which will be used in the bottom teeth. Fold the strip in half to ensure that it conforms to the curve of your teeth then dry up the teeth to prevent saliva from interfering.

Put on the whitening strips.
Put the gel-side on the front of your teeth and smooth the strip over your teeth by using your nails or toothbrush to get to the creases and the strip that is sticking up is folded to smooth the back of the teeth.

Apply the top strip and wait.
Apply the same technique for the bottom teeth for the recommended times then take of the strips and clean the teeth with water or brush the teeth to take off the residue left by the strip.

It should be ensured that the strips are tight and that the gel in the strip does not get in contact with you gum or mouth. Sleep on your back to reduce saliva production and take care not to swallow the residue from the strip.