The Most Delicious Camping Food You Must Know How To Prepare

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Going on a camping trip requires preparation. While you pack your bags and secure the tent onto the handy roof racks Adelaide stores sell, there are two other important camping supplies: food and drinks. Of course, it is a must to bring water and maybe even some juices and a sports drink to keep you hydrated during the trip, but what type of food should you pack in the cooler?

Still haven’t planned out what nourishment to bring? Here are some amazing must try camping food ideas and how you can make them yourself:

1. Soup’s On!

Canned food is a staple during a camping trip. Canned soup is a classic because the heat keeps you warm on a cold night. However boring canned soup gets boring and sometimes it’s not even filling enough to have as dinner. Try mixing it up by adding other ingredients to the mix. Fresh veggies, a can of beans, cooked rice, and even lentils can make a boring can of soup delicious and filling. It is easy and satisfying, a must try on your next trip!

2. Roasted Veggies

Stay healthy even while you are outdoors by packing a good selection of fresh veggies inside the food cooler. Bring along some barbeque sticks and a stand to prop up the skewers, add some salt and pepper for extra flavor and let the camp fire do the rest. Fan favorites include vegetables like bell peppers, corn, onions, and tomatoes. Of course, you can grill any vegetables you like. It is very easy to prepare, delicious, and very healthy.

3. Grilled Meats

If you’re more of a meat eater, you can cook up a delicious meal on the camp grounds as well. Make sure to pack your grill on top of the roof rack Adelaide shops sell to make the cooking process go by faster. Bring a couple of your favorite meats, marinade them if you like and just get the grill started over the fire. Some prefer taking a shortcut and instead bring a pack of sausages to grill, those work great too, especially for breakfast!

4. Oatmeal and Porridge

A fast and easy way to prepare breakfast is to bring instant oatmeal or porridge mix. All you need is boiling water, add in the porridge or oatmeal as you would at home and serve. Adding some fresh or dried fruit, maybe some nuts for a nice crunch, or raw honey as a sweetener adds another layer of yummy flavor to instant oatmeal.

Plan Ahead and Get Creative

Before you set off to sleep under the stars already plan all your meals ahead of time. This will give you a better idea of what ingredients to bring and which cooking supplies to pack. Not all camping cooking takes place over an open fire. You can also bring an electric stove, pots, and pans to create a mini outdoor kitchen where you can create any kind of camping food you want. Everything from a quick salad to sweet pancakes can be made during a camping trip. It only depends on what supplies you can bring with you.
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